Depression affects one in four women and one in 10 men at some point in their lives. Some of the common symptoms are

: persistent sadness

: low energy

: sleep and appetite disturbances

:and inability to take pleasure in activities

Depression is tiresome for the patient and difficult for loved ones to watch. It is a mood disorder that can lessen the quality of our lives. While there are many methods of dealing with depression, there needs to be a way of finding out if someone is going to be at risk . This is where a depression self test can be of great help in finding the early symptoms.

Depression is accompanied by change in sleep and appetite, loss of energy, loss of self-esteem, difficulty concentrating and isolation. The depressed person may withdraw from friends and family, and be unable to work.

Studies show that between 6 and 19% of the population will suffer from major depression some time in their life. The tendency to develop this condition can run in families. Depression can occur for no obvious reason and when the person has experienced no big changes in their life.

Depression is a serious condition that can impact every area of your life. It can affect your social life, your family relationships, your career, and your sense of self-worth and purpose

Treatment of Adult Depression

1.Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on the causes of the depression and helps change negative thought patterns.

2.Family therapy as an adjunct to individual therapy can address patterns of communication

3.Creative expression through drama, art or music is often a positive outlet for the strong emotions of adolescents.

4.Medication for depression should be used with great caution, and only under careful supervision.

5.Group therapy is often very helpful for teens, because it breaks down the feelings of isolation that many adolescents experience

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